What material ist the stone made of?
The stone is made of a fiberglass plastic (GRP ) with a natural stone surface .

How can I configure my own stone?
You decide how your stone will look like. For this you will receive the shell either as smooth tile or as a 3D shape in stone look. In addition, you get a bar with the inscription for the stone , which you design yourself (like kilometers or name or date) .

What’s included ?
You’ll receive a packet with the stone , the shell of your choice and the inscription bar.To give the right energy to the stone , you also get a small bag with a handful of small , real (no GRP!) pebbles right from the Camino Frances, which you can place onto your the stone . In addition, you can order other accessories , as for example a DVD with a milestone-meditation.

How can I order my own stone ?
Follow ‘Order now’ in the menu and get into our shop . Here you customize and order your with the appropriate accessories.

When and how do I get my stone?
As each stone is hand crafted, please allow 2-6 weeks delivery time to receive you stone safely packaged with the conventional postal services.

Can I return the stone?
Personalized stones (plastered, painted, etc.), however, can not be taken back.

Where can I place the Stone?
Almost everywhere. Ensure a firm and level surface, especially when setting up outdoors in the garden . The stone may be used freely for private purposes in the sense of piece of scenery, but not in connection with or along the official route ( f.e. to redirect This condition of the Xunta de Galicia ( the way of the competent governmental authority in Spain), we come to in the Terms and Conditions .

Whom do I contact if I have further questions or special requests ?
Get in contact via info@caminostone.com We do you like to answer your questions.